Installing Under Sink Water Filtration System

Under Sink Water Filtration System Installation

1: Decide on where you want to mount your filtered tap on the sink unit ensuring that there is at least 40mm clear space between the filter housing body and any fixture to allow filter changing.(see diagram below)


2: Using screws supplied attached the housing head to the bracket and mount the bracket into position.

3: It is important to place filter into the housing and screw onto the filter housing head and turn the water off.

4: Select a suitable place to mount your swan neck tap. This can be done either through the top of the sink or mounted onto a work surface ensuring that the tap can discharge fully into your sink without flooding any work surfaces.

5: Drill a 0.5 Inch hole and mount the tap using the fittings supplied. Make sure tap is rigid when fully secured.

6: Connect the 0.25 Inch pipe using the internal ferrule, olive and nut supplied to the tap and tighten. Connect the other end of the loose pipe to the port on the filter housing marked as “Out”

7: Connect the pipe to the self-cutting valve using the internal ferrule olive and nut. Ensure the piercing pin is fully retracted in the Quick Fit Self Piercing Valve. Clamp the valve to the 15mm cold mains and run the 0.25 Inch plastic pipe to the port on the filter housing marked as “In”. Pierce the pipe by turning the “T” bar fully in and then fully out. Place on/off valve between piercing valve and filter. This valve should always be in the OFF position when installing the unit and especially when changing the filter.

Undersink Water Filtration Caution

The water supply to your system must be the cold mains as hot water will damage your system.

Turn the water on at the mains and open the swan neck tap.

All of the air is expelled and the water will begin to flow

You should allow the water to follow for approximately 10 minutes to remove any debris in the system before drinking.

Undersink Water Filtration Warning

When assembling these units if any leaks occur turn water off.

Tighten any seeping joints and then turn water back on.

Mains water pressure can vary, therefore it is essential to check for leaks daily during first week and periodically there after.

Undersink Water Kit Filter Replacement

To replace filter turn off water at mains and self-piercing valve. Open Swan Neck tap to release water pressure. Assemble new filter in housing unit.

More details on the Under Sink Water Filtration Kit








  1. Hello, can you give me a price on how much it would be to supply and fit a filter system onto our cold water mains tap, please

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