Getting 22 followers on Instagram

How we got 22 followers on Instagram

When we initially set up 10 years ago now in late 2009 we felt we were innovators and early adopters in so far as buying items online was beginning to get more and more popular and using social media channels to promote your business was becoming a growing phenomenon.

We set up our facebook page, our twitter account, a linkedin profile, a youtube channel, then there was a digg account, a stumbleupon account, pinterest, google plus, foursquare, tumblr and so on.

It is hard to measure how effective any of these channels were for our business but I think it definitely could be said that absolutely none of them met our expectations in so far as generating business goes.

This could be down to a number of things of course (we can be a bit too focused on getting the sale when posting for example and perhaps we are not creative enough) but I think what we began to understand as the years progressed is that social media alone will not do a whole pile for your business unless you are extremely lucky.

This I guess is why we have been late to the Instagram market but we are there now finally as we celebrate 10 years in business. We have managed to even get 22 followers during our first week on the platform so cut us a bit of slack and give us a follow here.

As for the big reveal 😀

We stuck a photo of our Head of Security Ralph wearing his favourite earmuffs and dishing out winter tips and shared the fact we now had an instagram page on other social media platforms. Again 22 followers probably not exactly our expectations 😀

We felt we knew it all about social media 10 years ago but now we feel we actually know very little about it at all really.

Have you any suggestions and what we should be doing social media wise in 2019. Our expectations are low now so please surprise us.

Free pair of ear muffs for the best suggestion! 🙂

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