Fathers Day Gifts 2016

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2016 


o-keeffe-working-hand-cream1: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is a highly effective moisturiser for severly dry skin that frequently crack and split. Ideal for people that work with their hands the O’Keeffe’s hand cream comes in a 96g tub and it helps restore moisture and create healthy looking hydrated skin. Price €9.95



2: Stayhold Car Boot Support

Clever Irish designed product the stayhold grips onto the carpet in your car boot and holds items securely against the side walls. This will ensure that broken eggs in the grocery bags and the smell of sour milk in the car are a thing of the past. Available in grey or orange colours. Price €9.95



cole-and-bright-solar-shed-light3: Solar Shed Light

Ensure that out buildings and sheds are easily accessible after dark without adding to the energy bills with these great solar shed lights. Simply install your solar panel outside shed and connect to light by running cable through shed. Price €14.95



emergency hammer4: Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter

This emergency hammer which comes with an integrated seatbelt cutter is something that you will hope you never need to use but will be glad you have if involved in a road accident and you need to left the vehicle quickly. Price €14.95



moisture-meter-for-fire-wood5: Firewood Moisture Meter – If your father has a stove or a wood burner he is sure to appreciate this product. It gives a reading of the moisture content of firewood. If it is more than 18% it is advised not to burn it as it is a waste of energy and can create creosote which is a major cause of many chimney fires. Price€29.95


Surestep-ladder-stabiliser6: Ladder Stabiliser

If Dad likes to do jobs around the house you want to ensure that he is safe if carrying out work at a height. The Ladder Stabiliser secures the base of your ladder giving you added safety and protection on the ground so that you can focus on the job on hand without the worry that the ladder might slip back or fall to the left or right.Another Irish designed product.  Price €39.95   For Limited Period €29.95


7: Kelly Kettle Kelly kettle ultimate kit

A lightweight piece of camping equipment that fits neatly in a backpack allowing you to boil water, cook fast and survive. Great for Trekkers, Hikers, Bikers and all outdoor enthusiasts. Price from €54.95



8: Firepit

Available in Red, Blue, Lime Green and Orange these moda enamelled firepits from La Hacienda are made from steel. Globe shaped, the bowl striking design makes it a contemporary addition to any garden and it features a chrome plated cooking grill allowing you to create BBQ style food. Price €69.95


metal-chimenea-murcia-medium9: Chimenea

If Dad is a of a traditionalist these durable steel chimeneas with a slide in chrome barbecue grill might be his kind of product. Great for creating a warm ambience in your garden on summer eveings. Price €74.95




barbecue-pizza-cooker10: Outdoor Pizza Oven Box

You can ensure Dad is the toast of the town with this new award winning product which is placed on top of barbecues and allows you to cook a gourmet stone baked pizza within 3 minutes. You can also bake break, roast vegeatables and cook meat or fish with this Bakerstone oven. Price from €119.95 


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