Eco Kitchen Tips

You don't have to paint it green to go green!

Eco Kitchen Tips

By going green in the kitchen one will not only be living in a more sustainable way but they will also probably be saving money. It is not very difficult to move over to a more environmentally friendly kitchen. Below please read some eco kitchen tips.

Washing Up and Cleaning in the Kitchen

Many people waste thousands of litres of water every year by pre-rinsing pots, plates and pans before putting them in the dishwasher or cleaning them fully in the sink. If you scrape off dinner remains using a dish squeegee you can help conserve water and the power consumption needed to heat the water you used.

Go a step further on the water saving by installing aerators on your taps which reduce the amount of water that comes from your taps without compromising the water pressure.

If you got a dishwasher use Eco dishwasher tablets with have a wonderful lemon fresh scent and also use Magno balls which crystallises limescale particles in the water preventing them from clogging up the heating elements in the pipes of your dishwasher.

If you do all your washing up in the sink move over to Eco washing up liquid.

Eco-Dishwasher Tablets
Eco Dishwasher Tablets

Use a Multi-Surface Cleaner made from natural plant extracts to clean your kitchen tables and floors.

Managing your kitchen waste

Always ensure to separate your food waste, paper waste and glass properly before disposing of it. You can use a Loofen Food Waste Dehydrator to treat your food waste before putting it in the bin or composting it. A Loofen will reduce the weight of your food waste by 80% and the volume by 70% whilst also eliminating bad odours from your kitchen.


Compact your waste by using a Bintrasher which will help stop the dog or cat from decorating your driveway with your waste.

Using your Refrigerator

By turning off the automatic ice-maker you can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Avoid storing stuff on top of the refrigerator such as cereal boxes as it can block heat from escaping and force the machine to work harder and consume more energy. Remember that the correct temperature for your fridge is about 2.8°C and the freezer is -17.8°C if you have set it any lower than this your are unnecessarily wasting energy. Use a fridge thermometer to keep this issue in check.

Heating and Lighting your Kitchen

Reduce the heating costs in your kitchen by opening the oven after cooking to allow it to

Far Infrared Plates

heat the room. This will also allow the fan of the oven to switch off quicker and save energy.

Also consider installing Far Infrared Heating Plates in your kitchen which are significantly more energy efficient that conventional heating methods.

Also consider moving over to LED Bulbs to light your kitchens. These are 20 times more energy efficient that your traditional bulbs.

Using Your Kettle 

Optimise the performance of your kettle by regularly cleaning the limescale. You can use a

Eco Kettle(white)
Eco Kettle

tailor made product such as the Kettle and Iron Descaler. If you are in the market for a new kettle consider buying an Eco Kettle which has two separate water chambers. You can fill the kettle to the brim but just release what you require into the boiling chamber when you fancy a cuppa.

Kitchen Entertainment

When cooking or cleaning in the kitchen it is always nice to have the radio going on in the background to take your mind off the daily grind. Instead of using a plug in or battery operated radio why not move over to a Mini-Eco- Radio which is solar and wind-up powered.


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