Deal of the Week – Dish Squeegee

dish-squeegee-best-priceDish Squeegee – Deal of the Week

The Dish Squeegee is another great water saving product which can help you to reduce your water useage and because it can help you reduce your hot water useage it will also help to reduce your energy bill.

Essentially the Dish Squeegee is a silicon wedge, designed to scrap off dish washer bound plates and pans without pre-rinsing.

It has a unique and versatile three sided shape making it perfect to get in the corners of any it pot, pan, plate or cup. Because it is made of a soft silicone it won’t scratch fine cookware and it is also great for clearing off cutting boards and counter tops.

The  Dish Squeegee Normally retails at 9.95 but is available at a bargain price of just 5 Euro if you order before November 19th.

More Information and How to Order Dish Squeegee

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