Chimney Balloon Accessories

Accessories for Installing Chimney Balloons

There are a number of things which can help to make installing a chimney balloon in your home an easier process.

1: A Chimney Balloon Inflation Tube comes as part of the standard Chimney Balloon Pack. This 18 Inch tube is essential for the installation process in most situations. We recommend leaving the tube attached to the Chimney Balloon and hanging down into the fireplace after installation so as to act as a reminder that the balloon has been fitted.

2: A Chimney Balloon Extended Handgrip can be a useful accessory when your chimney flue is difficult to reach or is over 2 foot up your chimney. It attaches to the Chimney Balloon on one end and the inflation tube on the other end.


3: A Chimney Balloon Spare Tap is great in situations when your chimney is very narrow and it is difficult to reach up and pull over the catch on the chimney balloon. Attach the spare tap to the bottom of the inflation tube and close off at fireplace level when the chimney balloon is fully inflated.


4: If you don’t fancy blowing up the chimney balloon manually you can always use a bellow pump. Simply attach to the inflation tube and off you go.



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