How to fit a Chimney Balloon

How to Install a Chimney Balloon

Make your fireplace truly green by installing a chimney balloon

  1. Open package and unroll your chimney balloon
  2. Remove small black rubber hose from chimney balloon handle and attach inflation tube in its place.
  3. Blow a little into balloon to so as to slightly inflate balloon.
  4. Place balloon in the location you require (the chimney flue)it to be when fully inflated.
  5. Blow into inflation tube until you start to feel resistance. Continue until the balloon is firm to touch.
  6. Close tap to ensure that the balloon is airtight.
  7. Check that balloon is firmly secure by gently pushing handle into balloon to ensure that it does not move.
  8. Remove inflation tube and store for future use or leave hanging down your chimney to remind you that the chimney balloon is installed.
  9. Alternatively place the red sign that comes in the pack near your fireplace to remind you the balloon has been installed.
  10. Check it every few months to ensure it is still firm. If it has deflated a bit open catch and blow it up again.

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