Water Charge Household Estimates

Water Charges to Cost More than Double What We water-charges-irelandThought

Back in May based on the information to hand at the time from the Commission of Energy Regulation we put together a report on water charges and what each household is likely to pay.

Detailed report with full breakdown of charges plus loads of water saving tips now available to view here.

This was during the run up to the local elections and we were using a figure of 0.0022 (€2.20 per 1,000 litres) to make our calculations. However three months later it now appears that the cost per litre will be over double what we thought it would be.

We now estimate that one adult living by themselves will pay over 270 euro per annum, a family with three children will pay over €1,200 and a five adult household over €1,500 per annum.

As we are continuing to be drip feed information the new figure in the draft CER plan which is up for approval next month is that the cost per litre will be o.0048 euro (€4.48 per 1,000 litres)

If you have a private well or your own septic tank this figure is halved to €2.24 per 1,000 litres.

There is more bad news for Irish householders in that the previously proposed 38,000 litre annual allowance per child is now reduced to just 21,000 litres per annum. (58 litres per day). We estimate that this would not even cover an average five minute shower per day.

The CER proposes capping bills for six months so that people get used to paying for water but by next March any houses with meters will pay based on what they consume.

At this time it is estimated that just 33% of Irish households will have meters installed.

Everyone else will continue to pay an assessed charge until their meter is installed.

An unmetered household with one adult will be charged €176 a year for drinking water and wastewater services, with each additional person over 18 paying €102 extra.

It would appear that based on the below figures the longer you don’t have a meter the better off you will be.

How does this affect our water charge estimates?

In our May report we predicted that a one adult household would pay just under 125 euro per annum when the home is being meter charged. We now estimate that unless you have a private well or septic tank this figure will be over 270 euro per annum.

See our original May report to see how we worked out everything

If you have a septic tank or private well the figure will be still over 135 euro per annum.

Our figures are based on the following.

Drinking Water 730 litres per annum

Showers = 35,040 litres (8 minute per day)

Dishwasher 2,600 litres = (twice a week)

Washing Machine  5,400 litres = (twice a week )

Car Washing 3,600 litres = (once a month)

Toilets 10,950 litres = (based on modern 6 litre flush toilet used 5 times a day)

Gardening  7,300 litres =  (about 20 litres per day)

Incidental (Teeth Brushing, Cooking etc) 10,950 litres

Guests / Visitors 10,000 litres

Total 86,570 litres  x 0.0048 cent = (€415.54)

Allowance 30,000 litres  x 0.0048 cent = (€144)

Revised One Adult Household Charge €271.54 (€135.77 for septic tank (st) / private well (pw) households)

Other household water charge revisions based on CER Plan

Two adult household

May Estimate €270.47

Current Estimate €632.84

€306.82 st/pw household

Two adult three children under 18 

May estimate €447.59

Current Estimate €1,246.58

€610.81 st / pw household

Five adult household

May Estimate €698.39

Current Estimate €1,548.98

€762.01 st / pw household

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