Showerhead Water Saving Challenge

Showerhead Water Saving Challenge

Irish water representatives are on the record of saying that that on average showers have a water output of 7 litres per minute. The video below quite clearly suggests that a regular showerhead have an output of much more than this.

We tested our Water Saving Showerhead  against 4 other shower heads and have come up with some quite interesting finding.

When we start paying by the meter next month installing a water saving shower head could save you in the region of €85 per annum per person living in your home without compromising the water pressure and your showering experience.

This means an investment of €24.95 could result in a saving over €425 per annum in a household of 5 people.

Please take the water saving challenge with your shower head and use the comment box below to tell us the type of shower (Make, model, electric or normal) you use and the length of time it takes you to fill a one litre jug with water.

5 seconds = output of 12 litres per minute

10 seconds = output of 6 litres per minute

See our shower head water saving challenge video below

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  1. Hi

    I would like to get some help in deciding if the Water Saving Showerhead would fit to my shower and help save water.

    • Make/Model – Mira Event XS
    • Type – Power shower using water from the main hot water cylinder.
    • Flow Rate – Filled one litre jug of water in 5 seconds.

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