How much you save with Far Infrared Heating

Saving by Installing Far Infrared Heating Panels

far-infrared-heating-officeIn the example below we are going to compare heating the costs of of using far infrared heating panels against using traditional heating systems.

For the purposes of simplicity we are using a heating area of 100 square meters and making the following assumptions

1: You pay 17 cent per KW electricity

2: You pay 89.5 cent per litre for Keresene home heating oil

3: You pay 85 cent per M3 for your gas heating

4: You only heat the area for 9 months of the year (September to May)

Type of heating system Heating Area Meters Squared Estimated Power Usage Per Month Estimated Cost Per Month Cost Per Heating Season (Sept – May) Percentage Savings Far Infrared Per Month
Electrical 100 3,000 KW €510 €4,590 80%
Heating Oil 100 648 Litres €580 €5220 82%
Gas 100 400 M3 €360 €3,240 61%
Far Infrared Heating Panels 100 600KW €102 €918 SAVE

Clearly Far Infrared Heating Plates can save you a significant amount of money and provide you with a quick return on investment.

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  1. Where can I get independent cost comparison of infrared heating systems please because all the information I can find is from people selling infrared?

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