How do Far Infrared Heating Panels Work?

Far Infrared Heating Panels – How they work?

The Far-Infrared Heating Panel System is based on the same principle as that behind the sun’s radiation of the earth. It radiates the place where it has been installed, providing warmth whilst making the surrounding air pleasant

Your body absorbs over 93% of the heat from the Far-Infrared Heatinganel System, heating up over 70% of the water in the body. This heightens the body’s physiological action and increases the body’s temperature, thus making one feel warmer even when the heating system has been set at 3 or 4ºC, lower than in other existing heating systems.

far-infrared-heating-panel-homeYour body is continually in a state of repairing itself .New cells are replacing old damaged ones and far infrared light (FIR) plays a major role in this process. Whether you’re perfectly healthy or suffering from some kind of ailment, FIR helps improve your health from the “inside out.” The energy of FIR is vital to your health and longevity.

At the heart of this Heating system is a far-infrared ray panel, which consists of heat-resistant glass fiber plates. Attached evenly to the surface of this is an incombustible carbon plate that has regular resistance value. The frontal surface makes it easy to spread radiant heat, while reverse side is completely heat-resistant.
Once electricity flows through the heating panel, its temperature goes up between 15 and 25ºC within four minutes, and over 90% of the total energy is evenly radiated as far-infrared rays. These far-infrared rays provide warmth to a room and to the people in it.
The ceramic material that is used for its exterior design is comparable to all high-end finishing materials for ceilings.
The far-infrared heating plates are ideally fitted to the ceiling of your room. Water-colours can be used to paint the plates to fit in with the room interior.

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  1. How quickly do these infra red heaters work.
    Are they suitable for a short time use room such as a downstairs toilet?

    1. Should work out fine for this. The most important thing about heaters in a bathroom is the IP rating and all the infrared panels we sell have a sufficent IP rating to be suitable for bathroom use.

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