Barrel Water Butt 500 Litres



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500 Litre Water Butt Barrel

This Water Barrel Water Butt has a huge 500 litre capacity. Great realistic wood affect finish with a deeply raised grain. Hard to believe it is made of plastic.

Known also as the Burgundy Water Butt it is ideal for storing large quantities of water and comes with a childproof lid.

Water Barrel Burgundy Water Butt Product Specifications

Colour Dark Brown

Height: 118cm. Diameter: 79cm

Comes with:

Brass tap (3/4”),and Wall Fixing Bracket and Screws

Dimensions: Height 118cms, Diameter 79cms

Connection points: 2 x 3/4" BSP brass threaded ports - 1 x Tap connector for watering can and 1 x Drain down point at base.

Colour: Dark brown

The Water Butt Filter Connector is a recommended addition (see price options below)

Installing 500 Litre Water Butt

Sit the Water Butt on a firm level surface, adjacent to the downpipe.

Refer to your Filter Collector instructions or other rain diverter instructions. Connecting a tap is optional.

Measure down 125 mm from the lip of the water butt. This position is ideal for all connections at 32 mm (1 1/4“) or less.

Hole Cutter Selection - 32 mm

(To fill the water butt with the recommended ‘3P Universal Filter Collector ’ select the 32 mm flat bit provided.)

Drill to the marked point, proceed to drill the hole at 32 mm (or at your selected holes size for your connection set.) Check and re-check you are going to drill the correct size of hole for the connection set that you are using.

A back nut and rubber seal can be fitted. Hold the back nut and rubber seal in position and screw in the hose tail.

With the 3/4” plastic high flow tap provided in the kit. Screw the tap into the 3/4” BSP connection thread. Use PTFE tape, if necessary, when installing the tap for extra protection and to make sure it sits in the correct position.

This Water Butt should be drained completely and disconnected from the rain water inlet, during freezing weather conditions.


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