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Pan and Soleplate Cleaner

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Designed by Ecozone this pan and soleplate cleaner cuts through burnt on stains with ease. (A soleplate is the base of a metal object such as an electric iron)

This eco cleaner is made from non-toxic ingredients. To use you simply rub the block over the stained area and add water the pan and soleplate cleaner will complete the job.

Designed to work on all surfaces all over the house including ceramics, glass and grout the cleaner will remove almost any tough stains and even rust.

How to Use the Pan and Soleplate Cleaner

1: Remove the pan and soleplate cleaner from packaging.

2: Add water and rub block over the stained area.

3: Pan and soleplate cleaner will remove the stains.

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Warning : Never use on surfaces likely to scratch including non-stick surfaces. Don't use in conjunction with other detergents and never use on your skin. 

Pan and Soleplate Cleaner Ingredients

- Polyurethane

- Silicon carbide



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