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Magnetic Floating Train Set

This fantastic new magnetic train set from Powerplus allows you to see a toy train set with no wheels actually float above the train tracks.

The set comes with a magnetic track and the train is balanced by magnets.

This train set will allow you to educate children about Maglev principle

Maglev is short for Magnetic Levitation in which trains float on a guide way using the principle of magnetic repulsion. Each magnet has two poles.

If you play with two magnets, you'll realize that opposite poles attract, whereas similar poles repel. This repulsive property of magnets is used in Maglev trains.

To view the Magnetic floating train in action you simply assemble your train set, select mode and give a slight push to start.

If you select mode 1 the train will run constantly for 90 seconds and then stop.

Mode 2 allows you to run the train at three different speeds. Low, average and high speed.

See Floating Magnetic Train Demonstration Video

Magnetic Floating Train Dimensions

Train assembled 26.8cm

Track Length 73.7cm

Track Width 45cm

No Wheels

No Motor

Powered by two AAA Batteries (included in set)