Eco Limescale Remover


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Tough Eco Limescale Remover

A new heavy duty limescale remover from Ecozone which has been specifically formulated to give you a thorough deep clean every time you use it.

Great on those  hard to remove lime deposits that have built up on surfaces around the home due to hard water

Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms & utility rooms.

It’s also effective on soap scum and various other organic residues that accumulate on tiles, bathtubs, shower screens, splashbacks etc.

Simply spray and wipe or leave to sit for a more thorough clean.

Features and Benefits of the Tough Limescale Remover

Removes encrusted limescale

Maintains surfaces and prevents limescale from returning

Leaves a brilliant lasting shine

Great us use in conjunction with Ecozone Microfibre cloths 

Tough Limescale Remover Ingredients

Aqua, Citric Acid, Fatty Alcohol (Surfactant), Formic Acid, Fragrance.



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