Fridge Alarm Light



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Fridge LED Alarm Light 

Recent studies conducted at the Institute of Food and Agricultural
Sciences at the University of Florida suggest that people leaves the fridge door open adds up to 120 Kwh of energy to the average household bill per annum.

Basically you could run one of our 500W eco panel heaters for 240 hours constantly at the same cost.

This Fridge LED Alarm is another new clever product from EcoSavers.

This patented product combines an E14 fridge light with a visual (flashing) and acoustic (buzzer) alarm.
When the door of the fridge is opened the light will illuminate constantly for 10 seconds as normal.

After 10 seconds you will get the first reminder as the light begins to flash.

After another 10 seconds, the Fridge Alarm Light will also
reminds you that the fridge door is still open with an additional buzzer sound.

Fridge Alarm Light Demonstration Video 

This product is designed to replace a normal E14 fridge light and can be used
on any fridge with a E14 lampbase (90% of all fridges).

Plug and play.

Installed in 10 seconds.