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Microfibre Cloths -Chemical Free Cleaning

Microfibre cloths from Ecozone are designed to tackle and clean dust, dirt and germs without the need to add any cleaning agent.

How do the Microfibre Cloths Work?

The cloths are made from a high fibre density which means they clean better and easier than conventional microfibre cloths. They hang on to more dust and grime making your life easier when cleaning and saving you time.

The cloths will not only save you time but money also as you don't need to buy chemical cleaning agents as often. It will also save water as the you only need to use minimal amounts on the Microfibre cloths.

What is contained in a pack of Microfibre Cloths?

Each pack contains a pink multi-purpose cloth and a blue cloth for polishing glass, windows and mirrors. Both cloths can be reused again and again. The estimated lifetime of the cloths is about 300 times so they could last you a full year.


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