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Traditional Irish Ringboard Sets

Made in Ballyheigue in Co Kerry these traditional Irish ringboards can be great teaching aids for school children in helping them practice quick mental arithmetic and a game of rings is also great for improving hand to eye co-ordination skills.

Ringboard sets are available to order in different sizes to suit people new to the game and those that have been playing for a while.

The small board is 38.5cm x 30cm x 1cm and is ideal for school children and anybody new to the game. The small board is easy to assemble and comes with 13 hooks and a set of 6 rings (3.3 Inches in diameter). Full instructions are also included on how to play.

Small Ringboard

The full size board is 42cm x 35cm x 1cm. It is more suited to adults or children that have mastered the small board and are ready for looking for a tougher challenge. It also comes with easy to assemble hooks and a set of 6 larger rings (4 Inch in diameter).

Full Size Traditional Ringboard

The third option is the championship ring board set. This is a full size board plus a frame so the board can be permanently attached to a wall. This option is ideal for pubs, community centres, youth clubs or any type of social. The  Backboard  measures 50cm x 40cm x 1.6cm

Championship Ringboard Set

Spare sets of rings can also be purchased here. They come in two sizes depending on the size board you are using

Spare Rings Set for Ringboard
Spare Rings Set for Ringboard

Rules of Game of Rings

Ringboards must be hung at a certain height and players must stand a certain distance away when throwing rings at the board.

According to the World Ringboard Academy the board should be hung at a height of 178cm to the base of the number 13 hook and players should stand at least 259cm away when throwing

For children up to 9 years of age though hanging at 140cm and standing 160cm away from board would be more appropriate.

One of the most traditional games of  Rings is ‘Round the Clock’. This involves hanging the rings in sequence from 1 to 13.

The other best known traditional game is  ‘100 + 1’. This means that the players aim to reach a total points total of 100 and then in order to finish they their last ring has to hang from the number 1.

There is a number of easier games for  beginners including a straight forward heightest score after three rounds of throws. Plenty of suggests come with the game sets.

See Game of Rings Demonstration Video





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