Sloped Writing Board



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Wooden Sloped Writing Board

Made from a durable lacquered birch plywood these sloped writing boards are produced in Co Kerry.

Each board has a wooden lip to hold books, laptops etc in place and the base has non slip feet.

The sloped writing boards are great for helping people with poor posture or pencil grip. It helps to encourage an upright sitting position.

A great accessory for children in the classroom or for doing school work at home in the evenings the wooden sloped writing board is particularly helpful for children with low muscle tone, delay in fine and gross motor skills and muscular or neuromuscular conditions.

Recent scientific research also suggests that laptops placed regularly on your lap can affect the fertility of men.

Sloped Writing Table Size

Dimensions 43cm x 33cm

Sloped Angle - 20 degrees

What Using Sloped Table Achieves

  • Changes wrist angle to allw hand, arm and wrist to line up together
  • Helps when copying writing from blackboard, whiteboard or projector by lessening head movement while looking up and down between paper and text.
  •  Assists one with low muscle tone or poor posture to maintain an upright sitting position.




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