Wifi Wall Sockets with USB Port



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Wifi Wall Sockets with USB Port

Never again worry if you have left the iron on after leaving the house with these great Wi-Fi wall socket from Ener-j. They connect to the Internet through your WiFi network allowing you to controls the power of home appliances, through the Enerj app on your smart phone or through Alexa, Google Home and / or Google Assist.


The wifi wall sockets also has 2 in built usb power ports. Using these wifi wall sockets in conjunction with the App will allow you to turn on or off appliances at any time, set a time for them to come on or go off and adjust things like brightness (for lights), volume (for speakers) and channel (for TV, radio).

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Features of Wifi Wall Sockets 


  • 13A High Power Loaded: This smart WiFi socket supports maximum power of 13A that can work with most high power electric appliances such as hair straighteners, electric iron, heaters, air-condition and more.


  • Space-saving design: Compact and space-saving design that will not block other outlet. Each socket can be controlled independently by app, greatly improves the practicability. And there are 2 USB sockets that you can charge your USB device quick, intelligently and conveniently.


  • App remote control: User can use a smartphone to remotely control turn on / off home electronics at anytime and anywhere via app as long as the phone has 2g/3g/4g/wifi network. Compatible with ios 8.0 and android4.0 OS.

  • More intelligent: User can control this WiFi switch via voice through ALEXA / google device to turn on/off the light. Connect app with IFTTT, then you can create triggers and actions on IFTTT website/app and control your lights. These make the operation more convenient and more intelligent.


  • Premium quality: Made of flame retardant PC shell that ensures a good durability. Simple and fashion design that can be well fit into most houses with different decorate style.


  • Support 2.4G WiFi network.


  • Twin Sockets plus 2 USB (13A + 2.1V each USB)


  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google home.


  • Download our APP, add the device to pair and connect
    with your home WiFi in easy steps.


  • Supports status tracking, home appliances status and
    timely feedback to your device.


  • Support Max 8 timing task.


  • FCC, CE, ROHS, RED approval

Wifi Wall Sockets Specifications 

Colour White, Silver, Black
Size 146mm (L) x 86mm (W) x 32mm (H)
Weight 185g
Voltage Range 90-250V AC
Max Current 13A Gang + 2.1A each USB
Wireless Frequency 2412-2.484GHz
Wireless IEEE Standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Security Type WEP61/WEP/128/TKIP/CCMP(AES)
Security Mechanism WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Wireless Consuming ≤0.3W
Working Condition Temp: -30~60°C




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