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Smart Bluetooth Desk Lamp

This clever Smart LED dimmable desk lamp with built in Bluetooth speakers is available in three colours grey, pink and blue. 

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Along with this light weight desk lamp with a glossy finish comes a USB power cable, a 3.5mm auxilary cable and instructions on how to use.

Design wise this smart lamp has a very flexible head so you can easily manipulate the direction of the light.


The lamp also has a built in lion auxiliary battery which charges when you have the lamp plugged in. This means that the lamp will also work when you disconnect the power cable making the product a great companion during power cuts or on camping trips.

Watch Video Demonstration of Smart Bluetooth Desk Lamp

On the lamp itself you got the following

  • A touch control power button to turn on and off and also allows you to adjust the dim on light.
  • A bluetooth on/off button
  • An auxillary jack fitting
  • A Usb  fitting to power the Smart Lamp
  • A mini sd card reader
  • A toggle for the speaker which allows you to flip tracks and adjust volume
  • A usb point which allows you to directly plug in a drive and play music from it.

Using the Bluetooth Function

1: Turn on bluetooth button and wait for voice to advise it is enabled.

2: Turn on bluetooth function on your Smartphone.

3: Do a scan and look for T11 under available devices. Select and it should connect up.







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