Solar Lighting and Energy System



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Solar Lighting and Energy System

This new solar lighting and energy system is one of the newest products in the Powerplus range and is known as the Dove.

Small and compact the complete set has a 2W polycrystalline solar cell with 2mm tempered glass, USB 36 LED light strip with a cable and switch and a power bank with replaceable 18650 Lithium cells batteries. (standard capacity 4.000 mAh)

The solar cell charges the power bank during daylight and the energy is stored for lighting at night.

It can also be used for charging mobile devices (2A USB output) like smartphones.

The 36 LED light strip has an magnetic aluminium base allowing you to easily mount it on any metal surface and the lights emit a high brightness output.

It has two brightness settings 1W (80 lumens) and 5W (360 lumens)

Watch Powerplus Dove Demonstration Video

The solar panel has an integrated structure to optimise the charging angle.

The power bank includes 3 led lights which give you a guide as to how well the battery is charged. As well as being charged by solar it can also be charged faster through the included usb adapter cable.

Solar cell 6V/2W with 2 metre cable and micro USB output
Battery 3.7V Lithium 18650 cells
Output 2A
Capacity 4.000 mA (standard capacity)
Charging time by solar 12-14 hours (with 4.000mAh)
Lighting time 1W setting 10 hours (80 lumen) 5W high 2 hours (360 lumen)




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