Solar Shed Light


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Solar Shed Light

It often does not make finanical sense incurring the costs associated with extending your mains electricity supply to an isolated shed, greenhouse, workshop or garage.

With these great solar shed white lights from Cole & Bright you can make your outdoor buildings easy accessible after dark without incurring the costs associated with mains power electricity.

With no wiring required the solar shed light is easy to install and use. The solar panel is connected to the outside of the building connecting through to the shed light inside. The energy created from daylight recharges the batteries every day.

The light can be activated inside the shed at any time by simply tugging the pull string on the light

Solar Shed Light - What Comes in the Box? 


- Pre assembled light unit including rechargeable AA batteries fitted.

- Separate solar panel with 1.5 metre cable

- Screw and plug pack

- Sticky pads

- Light Dimensions: 45mm (height) x 180mm (width) x 60mm (depth)

Installing you Solar Shed Light 

- Remove contents from box and decide on the best position in shed to install light.

You should take into account that the solar panel will charge most effectively if south facing and where no shadows interfere with its access to daylight.

Also be aware though that the light inside needs to be installed within 1.5 meters of the solar panel outside.

- Use sticky pads provided to position the panel and the light in place. The large pad is for the panel and the two smaller pads are for either side of the shed light.

Alternatively use the screws and plugs provided to install light and panel.

- Ensure solar panel is angled towards the sun when installed.

- Connect the cable to the light units when both light and panel have been securely installed.

Solar Shed Light Maintenance 

- If solar panel gets dirty it can reduce charging capacity. Clean panels ocassionally with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals as they could damage the panel.


- Batteries can be given a temporary boost by using a mains powered battery charger during poor weather conditions or if you know the light will be needed for an extended period on a particular ocassion.

The batteries are housed under the light unit and can be accessed by removing the sliding cover.

- It may be necessary to replace the batteries every 2 years or so and even less if the panel has been outside during a particularly harsh winter..

Replacement rechargeable batteries can be ordered here.



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