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Portable Smart Wifi Heater

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This great new 1800W smart fan heater from  ENER-J Wi-Fi can be used on its own or in combination with your other ENER-J Smart Home devices.

Use the touch buttons on the front – or operate it remotely from any location through the ENERJSMART app – to set the temperature, heating power, horizontal pan or set it on a timer or a schedule.

By combining the app with your favourite voice assistant (Google Home or Amazon Alexa) you can even control it using voice commands.

All of this is possible without the need of an additional hub or gateway.

Smart Wifi Portable Heater Features

  • Set the temperature with the buttons on the front, your ENERJSMART app or by voice in combination with Google Home or Amazon Alexa

  • Connects directly to your Wi-Fi so you can control it from anywhere in the world


  • Simply set a timer or a schedule for automated heating


  • The heater uses the full 1800 W to quickly heat up the room - and when approaching the target temperature it automatically lowers the heating power.


  • Activate the horizontal pan for optimized air flow throughout the room (rotating mode)

Smart Wifi Portable Heater Specifications

Weight 1.85Kg
Colour White
Length 145mm
Height 250mm
Width 165mm
Power 1800W
Cable length 1.8m
Frequency range 2412 – 2462 MHz
Power plug BS / Type C (CEE 7/17)
Inputr voltage 230 VAC 50Hz
Maximum radio transmit power 20 dBm
Safety functions Overheat Protection

Tip-Over Protection




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