Instant Electric Water Heater


Sorry we no longer sell this product

The Instant Electric Water Heater

As time moves on so does technology and the highly acclaimed Instant Hot Water Taps from Watersave have now been replaced by a new product know as the INSTA-80 Instant Smart Electric Water Heater.

As the electric hot water taps did in the past the instant electric water heater will allow you to get hot water running through your taps without the need to turn on your heating system or immersion.

Some kitchens and bathroom in most household are a long way from the hot water system meaning that a lot of cold water is wasted running through the tap before the hot water supply kicks in at the sink. This is another reason to invest in an Instant Smart Electric Water Heaters.

The big advantage this new product has is that it is not necessary to change your taps. Instead the water heater can be added to the existing hot water pipe under the sink.

How the Instant Electric Water Heater Works


The Insta 80 will recognise when the water in the pipe is cold and heat it when you turn on the tap. Unlike traditional undersink water heaters the Insta 80 does not store water and there is no need to switch on before use. It works instantly.

When there is already hot water produced through your existing heating system the Insta 80 automatically switches itself off meaning the hot water produced by your existing system flows through your tap instead.

During the summer months when your heating system is generally switched off the Insta 80 will act as your main water heater producing instant hot water whenever needed.

The Insta 80 can also be used as water heater that is fed from the cold water mains supply.

The Instant Electric Water Heater has an in built digital temperature control option allowing you to regulate fully the temperature level of the hot water following from the tap.

Advantages on Instant Electric Water Heater.

1: Unlike the Instant Hot Water Taps there is no need to replace existing tap on sink as the instant hot water heater will work in conjunction with existing taps.

2: Installing hot water heater will not reduce the flow level of cold water supply as the Instant Hot Water taps did.

3: When installed hot water will flow at a temperature of up to 55 Degree Celcius and the flow rate will be 3 litres per minute.

4: The Instant Hot Water Heater is small and compact and fits easily under your sink. (30cm (height) x 13cm (width) x 7cm (diameter)

5: The Instant Electric Water Heater will help reduce your energy bill (up to €1,000 per annum in some households)

6: Easy to install

7: Works great in conjunction with any existing heating system.

Instant Electric Water Heater Technical Specifications


Rated Current: 25A
Connecting Wires: 3×2.5mm2
Required Isolator Switch: 32A
Safety Class: IP×4
Body material: ABS
Heating time: 3-5 seconds
Rated output: 5.5kw
Rated voltage: 220V-240V / 50-60Hz
Colour: White

Rated Pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.6Mpa
Pipe Section: G1/2“
Min Water Flow to Activate Unit: 1.2-1.5L/Min
Max Water Flow: 4.5L/Min
Temperature Setting: Ambient-55C
Thermal Cut-out: 85C