Door Brush Strip



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Door Brush Strip

These range of brush strips from the Irish manufacturer Exitex come in 915mm lengths exitex-brush-stripand are designed to fit all types of doors.

Installing a brush strip helps to eliminate cold draughts and retain heat in a room. It also helps to sound proof rooms better and prevent dust from accumulating.

The brush strip can be used on any type of flooring surface and is probably the best type of under door draught excluder to use if you have a carpet under surface.

The Exitex brush strips come with screws for installing on door. The frame measures 16mm and the brush itself is 18mm.

There is four different types of brush strips in the Exitex range to suit all door styles.

1: White

2: Brown

3: Aluminium

4: Gold

How to Install Door Brush Strip

1: Measure the width of door on which you are about to install brush strip.

2: Slide brush out of frame housing and use hacksaw to cut to size based on door measurement.

3: Cut frame to size. It is important when doing this that you cut on both sides so that all four screw holes can be used when installing. Basically if door measurement is 844mm. Cut 35mm off the left of the frame and 35mm off the right hand side.

4: Slide brush back into frame and install where appropiate over the bottom of the door using the four screws and screws holes on frame.



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