Bulb Home Saver Pack



LED Bulb Home Saver Pack

This home saver pack comes as a set of  4 LED bulbs. All bulbs are traditional B22 bayonet fitting and it is estimated that they have the potential to make saving of up to €135 per annum in a standard home according to our suppliers.


In most homes the four main rooms where lights tend to be used are in the Living Room, the Kitchen, a Bedroom and a Bathroom. By installing one bulb in each of these rooms in your home it can lead to substantial savings on your energy bill every year.



Our Own Energy Saving Calculations

Each bulb uses just 9.5 Watt of energy yet they have a light output equal to a standard 60 Watt bulb. At 9.5 Watt under current energy prices in Ireland the bulb would need to be switched on for 105 hours before it uses 1 KW of energy. Typically people are currently paying 14 cent per KW on energy bill. On this basis you would need one of these bulbs to be lighting for 750 hours before it costs you 1 euro.

With a standard 60 Watt bulb you would have a euro spent within 120 hours.

When you take the 4 bulb pack into account and average them out at being on  6 hours per day each it would mean that based on using 60W bulbs  you are currently spending €1.40 per week to light these rooms (6 hrs per day x 4 bulbs x 60 Watt x 7 days= 10Kw)

If you switch over the costs would reduce to just 23 cent per week (6 hrs per day x 4 bulbs x 9.5 Watt x 7 days = 1.6Kw)

Based on each bulb being switched on 6 hours per day we estimate an annual saving in excess of 60 Euro (Cost per week €1.40 x 52 weeks in year €72.80) - (Cost per week 0.23 x 52 weeks in year €11.96)


Bulb Home Saver Pack Specifications

4 Pack - LED Bulb EcoMax A60 B22 9.5W LED lamp

Brand                                       OPPLE

Colour Temp                            2700k

Colour                                      Warm White

Included Components                Bulb

Lumen Output                           806lm

Type of Bulb                             LED

Cap Type                                  B22

Wattage                                    9.5 Watts

Qty Per Pack                             4 Standard LED Bulbs





No Longer Available


Energy Saving Standard Bulb B22