Solar Powered Keyhole Light


No Longer Available

Solar Powered Keyhole Light

What Does the Solar Powered Keyhole Light Do?

This solar powered keyhole light from Powerplus is also known as the bug and is designed to be attached to your front door over the keyhole. When you arrive home after dark you simply press the light and it will allow you to see your lock and keyhole more clearly.

How Does the Solar Powered Keyhole Light Work?

During the daylight the solar powered keyhole light (the bug) will charge itself through the integrated solar cell.  The bug has a built in LED bright Light and you will never require batteries. When you press this light it will ensure your keyhole is clearly visible. After 25 seconds the bug will turn itself off. The bug is simple to install through its strong self adhesive pad.

Technicial Information

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum Brightness 14,000 MCD
Cycle Time Fully Charged 1,000 Cycles
Time to Fully Charge Battery 12 Hours
Charging current solar cell 2 mA
Battery 3,0 Volt Lithium 2032



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No longer available


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