Push Taps with time flow control (aerated model)



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Push Tap Set with time flow control (aerated model)

Save hundreds of litres of water with the Renergise water saving push taps with adjustable time flow settings flow. This aerated model will help you reduce your water charges significantly.

Adjust the length of time your water saving push tap will run with these fantastic push taps.
Suitable to use even if the water pressure in your building is not very strong (0.1bar min and 10 bar maximum)
Rigorously tested under all conditions, and made to last under high usage situations these push taps are the perfect option for change if you are interested in reducing your commercial water charges.
Water Efficiency Products Compliance to WRAS and Defra Water Technology List – BREAM Eco
Homes/Schools/Office – Code For Sustainable Homes Supply and Installation of Products.

Setting / Adjusting the flow time of Aerated Time Flow Control Tap Set

  • Press down top to activate water flow.
  • The duration for which the tap remains opens can be adjusted by turning the timing screw.
  • Turn clockwise to increase the delay
  • Turn anti-clockwise to reduce the delay
  • Red and blue indices provided with set

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