Commercial Power Rinser



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Commercial Power Rinser

This product uses a spray of water to remove food waste from dishes prior to cleaning in a dishwasher and is one of the most cost effective ways for food service establishments to reduce water usage, energy bills and sewerage costs.

This Prerinse Spray Valve consists of a spray nozzle, a squeeze lever that controls the water flow, and a dish guard bumper. It will connect to any 3/4" flexible hose and products just 6 litres of water per minute.

Features and Benefits of Power Rinser

  • Certified by Food Services Technology Center (FSTC)
  • Endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association
  • Up to 80% water use reduction
  • Passed FSTC Cleanability Test using 16% less water than all other low flow valves tested.
  • Estimated savings of up to €1,000 every year (pays for itself within 8 weeks)
  • High performance and incredible hot water savings using 1.28 GPM @ 60 PSI
  • Anti-corrosive stainless steel nozzle
  • Solid brass, triple chrome plated sprayer body
  • Insulated handle ensures comfortable grip
  • Interchangeable with ALL brands
  • Flow Rate: 1.6 gpm / 6 Litres per minute at 80 psi




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