Push Taps – Non Concussive Model



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Push Taps - Non Concussive Model

These non-concussive self-closing taps will significantly reduce your water usage and thus your water charges. Perfect for standard basin mounted sinks with a water efficiency of 0.5 bar or better.

The non-concussive push tap set are designed to function for a period of time and then close automatically.

This operation makes the product perfect for use as a water economy device and help to reduce water charges.

The simple operation of the push tap enables users with limited mobility to use the facility.

Features of the Non-concussive push taps

  • High polished chrome
  • Brass body
  • Supplied with red and blue indices

Operating Conditions for Non Concussive Water Saving Taps

  • Max. Operating Pressure 10 bar
  • Min. Operating Pressure 0.5 bar
  • Max. Inlet Temperature 65°C
  • Timed Flow @ 1bar 15 ± 3 sec.
  • Max. Basin Thickness 26mm

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