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High Capacity Solar & USB Powered Powerbank

This huge 9,000mAH capacity powerbank is made by Powerplus and is known as the Sephia and is one of the most advanced solar chargers on the market.

It has a built in ultra bright led strip light and has enough storage capacity to recharge an empty Iphone battery at least three times over.

It has USB output adapters meaning you can charge two devices at the same time and it includes LED display screen on which you can view the percentage of power available.

See Solar Powerbank Demonstration Video 

What comes on/ with the Powerplus Sephia

1: USB output port with high (max 2.0A) output.

2: LCD Display with backlight

3: USB output port with low (max 1.0A) output

4: Integrated charging cable USB - micro USB

5: Micro USB charging in port (1.5A max)

6: Integrated hanging hooks designed to allow for better solar charge.

7: Micro USB to lighting (iphone 5/6) tip

8: Solar cell 5.0v / 250 mA (1.25W)

9: Light strip 30 LED

10: Ultrabright integrated LED strip light

Powerbank Technical Specifications

Solar Cell 5.0V / 250 mA / 1.25W
Battery Lithium 3.7V / 9000 mAh
DC input 5V 1.5 max
DC output 1 5V 1A max
DC output 2 5V 2A max




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