Panda Staple Less Stapler



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Panda Eco Stapler

This Panda Eco Stapler designed by Ecosavers will help your desk stand out from the crowd and save some metal in the process whilst making it easier to recycle the paper that you use.

With the Panda Eco Stapler you require no staples whatsoever. Instead all you need to do is align your sheets, press down and watch the Panda cleverly stitch the pages together in a safe and eco friendly fashion.

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The robust design allows you to attach up to 6 pages together at any one time and the Panda will help to avoid unnecessary accidents especially if children want to get in on the stapling action

No need for refills ever, no batteries required and ideal for office or home the Panda Eco Stapler allows you to do your little bit for the environment and teach the next generation a clever sustainable message.



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