Owl Single Socket Power Saver Kit


This product has been discontinued

Owl Single Socket Power Saver Kit

This two pack of Owl Single Socket Power Savers with remote control helps reduce your energy bill by easily switching of appliances normally on standby

The practice of leaving electrical appliances on standby is often referred to as Vampire power because it sucks power unnecessarily.

The Owl Single Power Saver Kit comes in a pack of two with a remote control.

Plug the Owl Single Socket Power Saver into the wall socket and then plug your appliance into the Power Saver. By pressing one button on the remote control the appliance is switched off.

The remote has the capacity to control multiple single sockets.

How to set up your Owl Single Socket Power Saver Adaptor

  • Remove plastic tab from Remote Control unit
  • Plug Single Socket into wall mains power socket
  • Press the coding button on Single Socket once and the round light will slowly flash
  • Press one of the numbered buttons on the Remote Control once
  • The Single Socket and Remote Control will synchronise automatically (1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so on)



Owl Electricity Monitor

Replaced by Eco Eye Smart