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Organic Lawn Feed and Grass Thickner

This organic grass improver from Neudorff will help you create a thicker, greener drought resistant lawn which will also suppress moss and weeds.

The natural ingredients contain a unique combination of naturally occurring mycorrhiza fungi and soil revitalising micro organisms. The mycorrhiza fungi increase the surface area of the roots by up to 150 times. As a result they are able to absorb water and nutrients more effectively.

This makes the grass stronger and ensures great resistance to drought and frost. As the lawn growth is more dense and strongly moss and weeds will be suppressed naturally.

This 2.5kg  box will cover a 50 meter squared area.

Watch Organic Grass Fertiliser Demonstration Video

The organic lawn feed is granulated and thus easy to spread by hand or with a scatter cart Children and pets are allowed onto the treated area immediately after spreading.

How to Use Organic Lawn Feed

Before using Organic Lawn feed and improver on soil which is slightly acidic it is recommended that lime is added to the soil until it has a pH value of 6.0-6.5.

Established Lawns Newly Laid Lawns
How Much? 50g/m2 100g/m2
How? Spread fertiliser evenly or use a scatter cart (see table below for scatter cart setting). After application water well Spread fertiliser evenly by hand immediately before sowing or together with new grass seeds.
When? March / April and September/October.You can also use on pale green lawns in May/June Repeat fertilise with 50 g/m2 approximately 8-10 weeks after initial application

Organic Lawn Feed Scatter Cart Settings

Scatter Cart Setting for 50g/m2 100g/m2
Wolf WE 252 Level 7 Level 8
Wolf WE 430 Level 18.25 Level 19.25
Wolf WE 330 Level 9 Level 12
Gloria Streuboy Level 6 Level 8
Gardena Classic Spreader Level 7 Level 8

Organic Lawn Feed & Improver Ingredients

Animal by products (Category 3 material in accordance with EU Regulation 1774/2002, fermentation residues from pharmaceutial production (thermally treated), plant material derived from food and feedstuff manufacture, microorganisms (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, B. licheniformis, B, megaterium, B, pumilus, Glomus intraradices)

70% Organic Substance

3% Sulphur (of which 2% water-soluble sulphur)

0.5% Iron

1% Sodium


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