Natural Charcoal Briquettes


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Natural Hardwood Charcoal Barbeque Briquettes

This 100% All natural hardwood lump charcoal is completely free of additives and chemicals and you will taste the difference as this real wood cooking solutions sears in flavours.

Easy to light these natural briquettes burn hot to seal in moisture and sear in flavours. The natural lump hardwood charcoal reaches optimal cooking temperature within 15 minutes allowing you to commence cooking in no time.

This natural charcoal is great for lighting up the flavour of chicken, beef, fish or pork whether you are quick grilling or slow cooking. With no additives in this product your food will taste better and is healthier to each.

As this lump charcoal is more responsive to oxygen than your traditional barbeque briquettes it is easier to contril the fires temperatre if you grill has adjustable air vents.

The barbecue briquettes come in a 4kg bag which is enough for several barbeques. Each bag includes four free flatwood sticks which are a safe and 100% chemical free way to start any fire. Unlike other starters the flatwood sticks will not add undesirable flavours to your cooking.

The lump charcoal also produces less ash than traditional briquettes making clean up afterwards that little bit easier.

Using your Natural Charcoal Briquettes

1: If grill has air vents open them up. Arrange charcoal to form a pyramid shape. As you build pyramid insert two flatwood sticks. Ensure to leaves the ends of the sticks out and leave a 1 to 2 inch space between the sticks and the charcoal for air circulation. (If using a liquid firestarter instead of the flatwood sticks ensure to let it soak in for at least 15 minutes before lighting).

2: Assuming you are using the flatwood sticks ignite the ends and leave fire uncovered. (If using liquid light in several places)

3: When coals are ashed over an flawood sticks completely burned it is safe to start cooking. (generally 10-15 minutes)


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