Multi-Purpose Solar Light



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3 in 1 Garden, Wall or Table Solar Light

This wonderful multi purpose solar light can be used as a table light, wall light or garden light.

Made by powerplus and also known as the Flamingo this unusually shaped light can be used in normal LED mode for a bright white light or in colour changing mood light mode (Blue, Red and Green).

The Multi-Purpose light has a powerful double solar cell and comes complete with a wall holder and pole for using as a garden light. To use as a table light for nice summer evenings simply release light from the wall holder or the stainless steel pole.

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How to use  3 in 1 Solar Garden Light

1: Twist to open the integrated solar cell at the base of the product.

2: Select normal lighting mode of colour changing lighting mode.

3: Reattach base and place on table alternatively attach to provided wall holder or stainless steel pole for wall light or garden light.

3 In 1 Solar Garden Light Technical Details and Specifications

Solar cell: 0,14W

Battery: AA Ni-MH 600 mAh 1.2V

Product size: 22,5 cm x 8cm

Pole size : 68 cm x 1cm




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