Multi Purpose Solar LED Light


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Multi Purpose Solar LED Light

Designed by Powerplus and known as the mouse this multi purpose Solar LED Light comes with an integrated solar cell and when switched on produces a powerful LED light.

Solar Wrist Light

Solar Bag Light

The flexible coated metal part can be folded in any shape to turn the light into a lighting  source wherever you need it.

It can be used in many ways including

- A Standing Light

Solar Pocket Light

Solar Bicycle Light

- A Hanging Light

- A Wrist Light

- A Bicycle Light

- A Bag Light

- Or hang from your pocket and use a a light that you wear

Watch Video on the Multi Purpose Solar LED Light

Multi Purpose Solar LED Light Technical Details

Solar Panel 4.5V 15mA polychrystalline
LED colour Superbright white 1 pc.
Battery 3.6V 80mAh Lithium-ion button battery
Size 21.2 * 4.0 * 1.8cm
Lighting time after 1 hour charge in the sun 1 hours
Lighting time fully charged 5 hours
Charging time battery for full charge `5 Hours




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