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GU10 Energy Saving Natural Daylight Bulb

These Energy Saving GU10 fitting bulbs from Ecozone project a natural daylight effect which is the equivalent of a normal 50W bulb.

However it only  uses 7 watts of energy.

The GU10 daylight bulb will last for up to 30,000 hours and reduce your energy costs by 86% when compared with a standard bulb.

Given current energy rates this translates into a potential saving of over €230 per bulb over its lifetime

Advantages of Daylight Bulbs Ecozone-GU10-Daylight-Bulb

It is believed that there is a direct coloration between using daylight bulbs and improved energy levels, moods and sleeping patterns at night time.

The yellow light which is produced by normal bulbs can lead to eye strain.

GU10 Daylight Bulb Technical Information

The Ecozone GU10 has been designed to deliver 550 lumens with a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 85 at 6,500 degrees Kelvin (the measure of colour temperature).

A Normal bulb would typically only deliver 180 lumens, a CRI of 50 (Natural Daylight = 100)  and a Kelvin temperature of 2,500.

The Ecozone GU10 is non-dimmable and has a beam angle of 100 degrees.

The bulb measures 50mm (width) x 55mm (height)




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