Far Infrared Temperature Controller


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Far Infrared Heating Controller with Remote Control

If you are installing a far infrared heating system in your home of office it is best to also invest in a heating temperature controller with a remote control.

With the controller you can optimise the amount of energy you save by always having complete control of the room temperature.

The thermostat has three operating modes: On/Off, Normal and Standby

How to Operate the Far Infrared Heating Temperature Controller

Press the Power button for 3 seconds.  When you do this the present temperature will be displayed on the front screen.

Using the remote control unit or directly using the menu button on the control panel, select Normal or Standby mode.

By pressing Up or Down arrows on the thermostat or buttons on the remote control, select the desired temperature. A little red dot LED will be on when thermostat will be operating.

Upon reaching the preset temperature level, the thermostat will switch off automatically.

Longer sensor wire is available for bathroom or sauna installations. Please enquire for details.
One control panel is sufficent per room no matter how many far infrared heating panels are installed.

Technical Specification of Far Infrared Control Panel

Dimensions: 70mm x 120mm x 36.5mm Depth

Input Power: 100~240VAC /50~60Hz

Application: Heater only

Relay: 20A/220VAC, ON/OFF

Maximum output: 2.5kW

Temperature Range: 0.0 ~ 99.9 degrees Celsius




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