Eco stapler


No longer in production

Eco stapler

The Eco stapler designed by Ecozone clips sheets of paper together by cutting and folding the paper in one action without using a metal staple.

No longer in production but check out the Panda Eco Stapler here

Great accessories in the home of the office you will never again have to worry about running out of staples and you will also contribute positively to the environment by conserving metal.

Indeed according to research carried out by Wasteonline ‘If everyone in UK offices saved just one staple a day it would add up to 72 tonnes of metal saved a year’

Small and compact this pocket sized device makes since in every possible way.

Features of the Eco Stapler

  • Requires no metal staples
  • Uses unique paper binding method to fasten sheets together
  • Can staple up to 3 pieces of paper
  • Great for the environment
  • Works like a conventional metal-based stapler
  • Keeps more money in your pocket
  • Can be used at home, school, or the office



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