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Eco Designer Bags

These Eco Designer bags are handmade using some of the world's favourite drink labels and sweet wrappers.

See the fantastic Coke Cola and M&M range here.

Colourful and sustainable you will be helping to address landfill issues whilst standing out from the crowd with these trendy handbags.

M & M Green-Every: €37.50

M & M Green-Baguette: €52.50

M & M Green-Pochette: €52.50

Coke Zero-Every: €37.50

Coke Zero-Baguette: €52.50

Coke Zero-Pochette: €52.50

M & M Red-Every: €37.50

M & M Red-Baguette: €52.50

M & M Red-Pochette: €52.50

M & M Pink-Every: €37.50

M & M Pink-Baguette: €52.50

M & M Pink-Pochette: €52.50

Cherry Coke-Every: €37.50

Cherry Coke-Pochette: €52.50

M & M Blue-Every: €37.50

M & M Blue-Baguette: €52.50

Coke-Every: €37.50




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