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Universal Door Spring

This easy to install universal door spring from Ecosavers is suitable to install on almost every door and window hinge system helping you to maintain room temperatures more easily and lower your energy bills.

For doors that operate on a larger hinge system you simply slide the door spring over the hingetop (see video below) and the door spring will automatically close doors after you.

On doors where the hinge system is smaller and the door spring is not able to fit over the hingetop this door spring can also be installed using the accessory included in the door spring pack.

To install door spring closer in this situation

Accessory piece for door spring installation

1: Mark a drill point about 10cm about the door hinge and 1.5cm from the door opening (see below video for visual demo)

2: Drill hole at market point about 3cm deep

3: Screw the supplied accessory piece into the hole created. You can you a 5mm allen key to tighten.

4: Slide door spring over the top of the accessory (using a sheet of paper underneath can make sliding easier)

5: Door should open and close automatically.

See Installation Video of Universal Door Spring Closer




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