Chimney Capping Cowl


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Smart Chimney Capping Cowl

This Smart Chimney Capping Cowl is easily secured to the top of a masonry chimney which is no longer to be used.

Made from a corrosion proof stainless steel it is designed so that a narrow gap is left between the cap and the top of the chimney pot or liner to enable trickle ventilation of the flue which is necessary to prevent residual moisture in the stack creating damp problems.

The gap is sufficiently narrow to prevent the entry of bats and small birds.

The chimney capping cowl will fit the vast majority of chimney pots with a standard diameter and when fitted it prevents foreign bodies from entering the chimney.

The smaller size capping cowl (260mm) is designed to be used in situations where the chimney has multiple flues close to each other.


In this situation due to space restrictions between the flues the standard size may be too large to install.

The capping cowl will reduce rain ingress and is very easy to fit with integral toggles.

The Smart Capping cowl come in four different colours.

Terracotta Finish

Stainless Steel Finish

Cream Finish

Black Finish




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