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We no longer sell the Kelly Kettle Range

Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle Camping Plates (Set of 2)kelly-kettle-camping-plates

We no longer sell the Kelly Kettle Range

These great stainless steel camping plates are the latest new product from Kelly Kettle as they continue to add only top quality products to their growing range of camping accessories.

These stainless steel plates come as a set of two and are made from 0.5mm food grade 304 stainless steel.

Each plate is 30cm in height and has a diamter of 19.7cm and each plate weighs 0.125 kg.


The Kelly Kettle camping plates are dishwasher safe and have a rim around the edge which protects your fingers from getting burned when the plates contents are hot.

Tough, stackable and durable means they are great for using indoors or outdoors.

The camping plates can even be used as a pan for cooking.


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We no longer sell the Kelly Kettle Range


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We no longer sell Kelly Kettle Range