Blank Brass Cap 1/2 Inch



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1/2 Inch Blank Brass Cap

The Blank Brass Caps are used when replacing existing taps with the Instant Hot Water Tap or the Bathroom Instant Hot Water Tap

When replacing your old tap you will no longer need a hot water supply and it is recommended to use a Blank Brass Cap to blank off the water supply from your hot water pipe as this will no longer be needed when the Instant Hot Water Tap is installed.

How to Use the Blank Brass Cap Fitting-Brass-Cap-When-Installing-Instant-Hot-Water-Tap

1: When replacing your old tap with the Instant Hot Water Tap you firstly need to turn off the cold and hot water supplies.

2: Disconnect the cold and hot water supply from the old tap you are replacing.

3: Close off the hot water pipe with the 1/2" Brass Blank Cap.

4: Your new Instant Hot Water Tap needs only to be attached to the cold water supply as the element in the tap performs the task of heating the water.

Please Note: if ordering an Instant Hot Water Tap you may also require a  a Flexi Hose with Isolating Valve  and a Three pin plug in order to complete the installation process.

Adding all three products  to your order now will add only €7.90 to the overall price.

All three products can be ordered together at Electric Hot Water Tap Installation Kit

This can also ensure that you can install the new tap immediately when you receive it and you won't incur a second delivery charge if you need to come back to order any of these items.