Bio Ethanol Fuel



Bio Ethanol Fuel (1 Litre)

This bio ethanol fuel from La Hacienda comes in easy fill one litre bottles. A smokeless and odourless fuel and Perfect to use with these fireboxes  and and bio ethanol fireplace.

No soot or ash will be left behind after burning.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How to use Bio Ethanol Fuel

1: If fuel container has recently been used allow it to cool completely before refilling with bio-ethanol-fuel-irelandthe bio ethanol liquid

2: Carefully pour fuel into container being careful to to spill or overfill it. If you do spill it most be cleaned up before lighting

3: It is recommended that a long arm lighter is used to light the fuel.

4: If necessary the fire can be extingushed by using the metal extinguishing tool provided with the firebox.

5: Store product in a cool place and keep away from heating sources. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Bio Ethanol Fuel Important Notices

1: Always replace rusty or leaky bio ethanol fuel containers

2: Soiled fuel containers or obstructed burner apertures may lead to soot forming.

3: Do not handle or attempt to move bio ethanol firebox / fireplace whilst lighting

4: Always keep out of childrens reach and keep the container tightly closed.

5: Firebox should only be lit when in a well ventilated but draught free environment.