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Bag Light - Battery Free Light for Cyclist and Pedestrians

This unique safety light designed by Pedalite is known as the Baglite and is worn over your shoulders to fit over any backpack or bag.

A great battery free product to ensure cyclists and pedestrians are visible and safe when on the commute.

How the Bag Light Works Baglite-How-It-Works

Slot over shoulders and around any size bag or rucksack.  The Baglite provides super bright lighting that illuminates commuters and their bags using a unique 360 degree floodlight module with a single red floodlight at the back and two white floodlights at the front .

The lights shine out from every angle so people wearing Baglite will be seen clearly by motorists any time day or night from a distance of 1km.  The lights can be set in three different modes  (flashing, constant on or off )

See Video of Bag Light

Charging the Bag light

The Bag light requires no batteries and charges simply through natural daylight or  through ordinary artificial lighting in your home, office or school.

When not in use simply put your Bag Light on a windowsill to charge.

Features and Benefits of the Bag Light

• Unique 360 degree floodlight module

• Multiple superbright LEDs per module light which floods across the lens as well as directional

• Constant or flashing modes

• Maintenance free – fit and forget

• Fits all sizes of rucksacks and backpacks

• Allows easy access to bags while fitted

• Lightweight and comfortable

• Weather and impact resistant

• Powered by stored natural and artificial light energy

• No batteries or mains charging required

• Hi visibility reflective strips

• 6+ hours of flashing light from a full charge





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