Baby Bath Thermometer


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Baby Bath Duck Thermometer

This Duck style Baby bath thermometer from Topcom allows you to measure the ideal temperature of the bath water for your baby.

This waterproof thermomoeter has a digital LCD display and an audible and visual alarm warns you when the temperature of the water is too hot.

You can preset the temperature setting yourself (please note it is widely recommended that the temperature for a baby bath is no greater than 37 Degree Celcius (98.6 Fahrenheit)

The baby bath thermometer allows you inter change between celcius or fahrenheit settings.

CE certified and EN71 Approved

90mm (length) x 130mm (height) x 95mm (width)

By reaching a suitable bathing temperature faster you should be able to save water in the process.

How to Set Clock and Maximum Temperature Alert on Baby Bath Thermometer

When the time is shown:

1: Press and hold the SET button for 5 seconds and the hours will start to blink. digital-baby-bath-thermometer

2: Press +/- to set the hours (0 - 23h)

3: Press SET button to confirm.

4: Press +/- to set the minutes.

5: Press SET button to confirm.

6: Press +/- to set maximum temperature (37-40 degree Celcius, default 39 degree Celcius)

7: Press SET button to confirm.

To set celcius or Fahrenheit

1: Press and hold the MIN button

2: Press the SEC button to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit

3: Release the MIN button

How to Use Baby Bath Thermometer

- Make sure the batteries are installed and the battery compartment is closed correctly to avoid water insertion.

- When the thermometer is out of water the room temperature together with the clock will be displayed. If the thermometer is not used for 30 minutes only the clock will be shown. This is referred to as sleep mode.

- Put the thermometer into the water the water sensor at the base of the duck will detect it is in the water and the clock will be replaced by a timer.

- The time will start to count up unless you have set the countdown timer (see below).

- The timer can be used to indicate how long your baby is in the water

- The LCD displays the accurate water temperature within 90 seconds. When the water temperature is below 30 degree Celcius the LED above the LCD will blink green as a low temperature warning.

- When the water temperature is above the max setting the LED will blink red and a warning blip will sound.

Using Countdown Timer on Baby Bath Thermometer

You can use the countdown timer to give a warning when the bathing time is complete. Duck-baby-bath-temperature-measurement

The maximum time is 59 Min 59 Sec

When the counting is finished you will hear a warning beep for 30 seconds.

To turn it off press any button.

When the time is shown:

1: Press the SET button and the previous set countdown time will be shown.

2: Press the MIN or SEC button to set the minutes and seconds.

3: Press the SET button again and start the countdown timer or put the thermometer in the water and it will start automatically.

Baby Bath Thermometer Safety Notes

- Do not allow children to take bath temperature unattended and never leave children alone and unsupervised in the bath.

- Always second test the baby bath thermometer by checking the temperature of the bath water with the back of your hand before putting a child into the bath.

- Do not place thermomter in water when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees celcius

Baby Bath Thermometer Care and Maintenance

Clean the thermometer by using isopropyl alcohol or soap and water before and after use.

Store Bath Thermometer in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight while not in use.

Do not open the bath thermometer except to replace the battery.

Baby Bath Thermometer Battery Replacement

When the LCD display gets blurred the batteries will need to be replaced. Batteries should also be removed before disposing of the device.

1: Remove the battery compartment cover with a small coin.

2: Install 2 x LR44 batteries (3V DC) following the polarity as is shown.

3: Reposition the battery cover.



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