30 Watt Solar Panel



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30 Watt Solar Panel Kit

This all weather 30 Watt Solar Panels used to come as 28 Watt panels. They are ideal for providing caravan lighting power when you are away from a mains power hook up for up to 7 days.

Can also provide power to run the likes of lap top computers and television sets.(An inverter is required to power or charge all 240V appliances)

The kit comes with a 20 year cell and a 10 year modular guarantee. It is also fully water  resistant.

What comes in the 28 Watt Solar Panel Kit?

5m cable

cable connector


ring terminals

crocodile clips

Solar Panel Installation Instructions

A 4Ah Charge controller should be used with this kit to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.

28 Watt Solar Panel Kit Specifications

Power - 28watts

Peak Output - 1.70A @ 17.6V

Approx. watt-hours/day* - 196

Approx. amp-hours/day*    - 11.90

Dimensions - 559 x 407 x 25mm

Weight - 2.8kg

* Based on 7 hours of average daily peak sunlight hours

If you require less power check out these solar panel options.

5 Watt - Lighting and preventing power drain on 12V batteries

10 Watt - 2 Day Caravan Lighting, Power tool charging, electric fence power

18 Watt - 4 Day Caravan Lighting, limited TV use, mobile and digi camera charging

If you require more power from your solar panels check out the below kits.

43 Watt - 14 Day Caravan Lighting, extended TV use, pond pump power

60 Watt -Caravan lighting for long term touring, TV, extended lap top use, alarm systems, slow cookers

80 Watt - Large Caravan use, medium sized boats, motor homes. Extended TV, game consoles, DVD players, sky boxes

120 Watt - Large camper vans and boats, desk top computers, printers, fax machines etc

150 Watt - Home office power, greenhouse heaters, electric garden machinery



45 Watt Solar Panel Kit



Power Inverter



Charge Controller

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